About Us

SoundBoardGuys is a digital media company that has a focus on creating MEME related content.

Our Start

SoundBoardGuys started solely as an android app development company where we focused on creating simple soundboards for people enjoy. During our short time of app development, we managed to obtain over 200,000 total app downloads across all of our soundboards and over 1000 followers on Instagram. The engagement and feedback we received from the community gave us the idea to turn SoundBoardGuys into a website and an online community.

Future and Goals

Our current plans are to fill the website with more sounds and soundboards and then work on new features like favorites and uploading sounds. Among other things we also plan on adding a section for meme images and videos along with our soundboards to create a great MEME experience.

Contact Information

If you any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact at us at soundboardguys@gmail.com