It's time to say goodbye

Evil minded

We won Mr. Stark



It's a dystopian world out there

This guy needs aloe vera cause he just got burned

We did it, 5 thousand signatures!

Well he deserves it

learning german is.. difficult.

That's impossible

Big brain - big pain

Never stop chasing.


That is indeed what heroes do.

you think vengeance is hard?

anything for the pupper

Whoa, relax

Juan save us

That was not very kind of you

not the best photoshopping but i hope you enjoy.

He was Floridian I guess


His name is Jose btw

Perfect dates do exist

*Ignores and continues till 5am*

simply Tom Cruise

Submarines go brrr....

Eurocentrism at its finest

Twice Africa

Americans be doing GTA in real life

Disgustingly accurate

I should start doing that too

Sorry if this has been made before

*Cries in Arabic Nokia ringtone*

Democracy is amazing.

ǝʇɐɯ ʎɐp’פ

I really wanna sleep for more than 4 hours

Mmm legos

Yay! Very spooky day today!


Pie is pi

You should try it.

Poor doof

straight to the point

There's no friends in the impostor business

I am pretty despicable.

Found this somewhere

He's right


Choose wisely knights.

Something ain’t right

mr. milwaukeee

Seriously what the fuck,?

I have no money

I’m disappointed in this purchase

did i do a funny?

Spooktober is officially back!

Hope its not done already...

The art of roasting is a difficult one indeed

*Ohio intensifies*

found this 2 year old archiwed gem from r/funny

It’s a sad reality

I was told it works, guess we'll find out boys

Scary facts

Simple facts

The only way i wanna die

Dumbass 10000

Buisnes is booming

Fulfill it brother

Oh, the horror

so so devastating

you think you're old?

Made for you at 1 in the morning

The math does not lie

Yay for doggo!!!

U gucci my dude

Almost like it’s important

Actually why tf is this wholesome

Patience is a virtue (Except when the game release is delayed 3 times)

Dying in GD is just as common as breathing at this point

Made with insomnia.

Bless you

If only

Pretty much is one

The good old days

È quello che è

There is no whiter than this

just seems like glass table porn with extra steps

2020 schooling in a nutshell

Posting a meme everyday for a year: Day 127

After cyberpunk 2077 this man will turn into a zombie

law of equivalent exchange

she made an update, and im memeeffort. im genuinely ready to see that switch in a few days.

Try to count correctly


Give me the child

im offended on your behalf

That’s gotta hurt

I love to sleep