Cuz dads should support their sons no matter what

Think Ethan think

Duck Dance go brrr

Why are you running

i think op is stalking everyone

This may end up bad

Oh heckin yeah


Did you fall for that too?

Metric system is the best!!

Sad times ngl tbh

It is an excellent and genius plan

Professional hitdog

Sorry for bad editing I made this with samsung gallery

Cure for cancer is here

Yeah, I don't think so fam

Never ending

Me for real bruh

Why tommy whyy :<

Forgive me Australia

Ah yes, I could use an outboard engine

I was rich back in the day

Guys I found it

Running intensifies

You just insulted my entire race. But yes.

Somethings wrong, I can feel it...

Sometimes my genius is frightening

Stop with the chlorine

my childhood dream

can’t we just..fingerpaint?

Sounds like a movie

This meme is from 2015

Asante sana squash banana

Bones go brrr


I was Wonderkind

What is up with that?

Well.... here it goes...

he probably has 8 fingers on each hand

He's operating on an entirely different level

Just redditors things

Just want to cuddle

Earthquakes be like

That’s rough buddy

credits to u/MuitoLegal for the first panel

Change my mind

Dancing Duck

Dat ass dough.


8 simple rules for not dating my daughter

Barbers are more than a brother to us

Fooled again and again


Finally some F good food

Gotta make sure

no money? just buy it

Stay stronk boys, and the day will come

Don't wanna

They’re the best

Can one identify as paraplegic?

Goddamn that's NSFW

Its literally in every mobile game.

So anyways I caused a divorce

To hotwheels and beyond!

haha america funny

I’m basically a senior citizen then

My physics teacher isn't being very realistic

dis good anime: change my mind

Mission failed unsuccessfully

anyone else did this?

My friend lives under a rock....and no he ain't Patrick

Why is it always Florida

This just in folks

I think we can all relate to Quagsire


harambe is missed

I hate my life

My wifi is annoying

Uh oh....

Damn it!!!!

police on vacation

He do be laggin'

Shit just went from 0 to 100 real fucking quick

USA do be like that tho

You know who you are

Go! Go! Go! Run!

It's a really good door

When the troll becomes an author

You have no power here

I'm a failure

All the phrases I need.

Trevor is an edgelord

I think this flower is trying to tell me something

Am good student


It's longgg

Guess I’ll die

Makes all of the difference in the world